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Our Story


We provide unbeatable value on the supply and installation of Tiles right here in Sydney. Obligation free onsite installation quote service is available as well as delivery and local pick up services.

Who We Are ?


Tile Australia is the leader in the flooring industry. We are Australia’s Leading tiles company with our unique products . We supply quality products when it comes to tiles & professional service when it comes to sales. We assure that our products will enhance your lifestyle, creating a bold look, clean air and natural ambiance in your home.


Tile Australia design department has the most unique and professional designers working back on the desk

Smartly Execute

Tile Australia, plans the job in 2 different teams, to finish each job on the same day, or 2-4 days, depend on job. all our customers didn’t leave the house during the work process, so you too don’t need to leave out.

Fast Building

Tile Australia has delivered and polished the final touch in days only, in multiple locations job sites by running more then 12 teams at the same time